Sunday, December 20, 2009

CSI: The Case of the Missing Lamaze Bugs

Little people like Raphaela have little toys. While I was still in recovery at Hadassah after the birth, I received as a gift the developmental toy from Lamaze, with two hand rattles and two foot rattles. They are all in the shape of various bugs, great bold colors and black and white stripes, and are meant to cause excitement in her neurons when she discovers her extremities.

Two weeks ago, I noticed that one of the bugs (a lady bug) went missing. It was clearly on the changing table last time I checked, and now it was gone. I checked in the obvious places and some less than obvious options, and the lady bug is no where to be found. When the cleaner came on Friday, I gave him the mission to search for this toy while he takes care of the rest of the house.

This past week, the second hand bug went missing. Again, it was clearly in its designated spot on the changing table on Friday morning, and on Sunday morning it had sadly vanished.

I have three suspects in mind:
1. Myself, as my level of exhaustion may lead me to do silly things, like throw things away with the dirty diapers without noticing.
2. Harry. The cat has been hanging out in Raphaela's room lately, recovering from an injury to his paw. Perhaps he perceived Bug as a threat akin to a small mouse and battered it to death.
3. The Cleaning Guy. Never emotionally stable to begin with, he has developed what I fear is an unhealthy attachment to my house and to my daughter. The same way that serial killer collect souvenirs, perhaps he is taking home one of her toys each week. It gives me the creeps to think about it.


Sarah said...

Don't you think you should get a new cleaning person? (I can refer someone.) p.s. just found your blog and am enjoying your story!

Abandoning Eden said...

I bet it's the cat, that's usually who is to blame when things go missing in my house :) (especially things that look like bugs, I would imagine). That or you'll find it like 5 years from now when you move.

Doc said...

I have been actively looking for a new cleaning guy for the last six months, recommendations are welcome! What bothers me the most is that I am the classic "everything has its place" person, and they should not have disappeared. Life becomes less orderly woth a baby, but stil...