Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Date, Part II

I met with this gentleman at a coffee house near my apartment, and it was so early that we were the only ones there, and the waitress ignored us for a good five minutes, while they were setting up for the day. In those five minutes, this man muttered, mantra-like, under his breath, "The waitress should come over to us. Someone should go get the waitress." At which point I got up and said, "Alright, I shall go call the waitress."

When the waitress came over, for some reason she had forgotten the breakfast menus, and so I requested that she bring them. This man said, "Boy, you are a bossy one, aren't you?" I thought to myself, "No, you are wimp who is looking to marry your mother, a woman who will take care of the man/child in your 43 year old body."

The rest of the conversation was pleasant enough, but not enough for me to be interested in seeing him again, and I certainly did not see the need to disclose the fact that I am "with child." As the date ended, I thanked him for breakfast and told him that I did not see this working in the long term.

Perhaps my idea of a stable and equally beneficial marriage with my best friend and lover, father of my/our children sets the bar a bit high, but for now I am sticking with it.

Of course to Mr. Clueless, "no" still does not mean "no", and so he called me last night, when I was out of the house, attending celebrations for Israel's 61rst birthday. I hate to take the passive-aggressive route, but perhaps if I simply ignore the phone message he will understand.

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