Thursday, December 25, 2008

Round Two, AS (After Surgery)

By my own calculation, I have had only legitimate IUI attempt, since for the first six trials there was the small issue of the IUD/polyp. Having negotiated successfully with Hadassah to allow another IUI this month, I start my journey, less than a month after the last insemination.

The way I see it, I am meant to have the next procedure on January 1, 2009, the day of little baby Jesus' brit milah. Sounds like a good day to invoke the good will of G-d.

25/12/08 (Day 5): Hadassah for blood tests and ultra-sound. I received a lot of sympathy from the nurses, who said to me, "We really thought the last one was going to take." Walked home (in the drizzle) from town instead of exercising this morning.

29/12/08 (Day 9): Hadassah for blood tests and ultra-sound. I have three follicles on each side (so far), and have spent the morning smiling. I also bumped into the older sister of a woman who attended college with me, and we spent the morning discussing US politics.

31/12/08 (Day 11): Hadassah for blood tests and ultra-sound. In addition to going to the mikva in preparation for tomorrow's IUI, I also returned all the mini-ice packs I had received from the HMO to transport the hormones thus far. They were grateful to have the supplies - there were lots to return - and I feel this is a gesture that says, "It is going to work for me this month, let some other woman benefit now from the hormones."

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