Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Chanukah Miracle

Yesterday, I started bleeding, three days ahead of even my normal schedule. Assuming that I was not pregnant, I called the hospital and asked them if I still needed to come in for the beta hCG blood test this week, or if I could sleep in.

Eternally optimistic, the nurse suggested that I come in today instead, take a blood test just in case my body was bleeding and it had nothing to do with an unsuccessful IUI. (Whatever...) She also suggested that I make an appointment with my doctor, to officially confirm the transition from IUI to IVF.

I am in un-chartered territory here, and all I know about IVF is that it involves many more hormones, and removal of the eggs under general anesthesia, followed by several days of not working due to partial incapacitation. I did not want to go this way, if only because I wanted the process of life to begin from the first second inside my womb, instead of a petri dish.

I was so hoping for a miracle this week.

As I hung up the phone from Nurse Chava, she said in a chirpy voice - as if all our intentions would make a difference with the results of the blood test - "Good Luck!" Whatever.

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