Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Going Into Round Seven

When I got my period five days ago, I actually felt excited, because it meant that my body was ready for another try, and it meant that the timing was excellent for the insemination. I have been carrying around this positive attitude since then - even my Chiropractor made a comment to that effect yesterday - and am holding onto the optimism of the doctors after my minor surgery last month. According to them, I am clean and good to go.

I noticed something particular and wonderful to Israel; an Ultra Orthodox woman sits all day at the Sperm Bank and prays. I don't know if she is praying for the health of the frozen sperm and eggs, or the success of the process, but either way, I appreciate all the positive energy coming my way and for the others trying.

12/08 (Day 5): Hadassah for ultra-sound and blood tests. One woman (a newbie, named Orit) keeps asking me permission before she does anything, I think she thinks I work there. I bump into Michal, who will probably do her IUI tomorrow; it would be fun and fantastic if we gave birth around the same time.

Several of the woman described a torture session with the blood tech, who apparently after 20 years in the field is still missing the blood vessels and causing massive bleeding and bruising. For me, having gotten over the personal needles issue, I did not need to hear that.

When I had my legs up and the ultrasound inside me, literally, the cleaning woman for the floor casually walked into the room and started chatting with the technician about cakes, with no sense of the privacy I might desire. The test shows at least two follicles and other baby follicles on the right side, excellent for Day 5, especially when I only start injecting myself with hormones this evening.

4/12/08 (Day 6): Hadassah for ultra-sound and blood tests. Because of the changes in traffic in the center of town, I arrived even earlier than usual to the ward, and it is a good thing too. By the time the doors were opened, over 30 woman stood in line, fighting about who gets to get pricked and examined first. Orit The Newbie and I played tag team, I secured her a good spot on the ultra-sound list and she got me an excellent place in the blood lab.

And because I had already procured advance paperwork, I was able to get in and out, and have enough time to exercise before starting my work day.

7/12/08 (Day 9): Hadassah for ultra-sound and blood tests. Not quite the rush there was on Thursday, though the ultra-sound tech came late, so there were a few irritated women waiting for her.

8/12/08 (Day 10): Blissfully, I was able to sleep in this morning, no blood tests today. I did, however, have my first in the series of three acupuncture sessions, to encourage my follicles to grow big and strong. (Energetic Wheaties, so to speak.)

9/12/08 (Day 11): Hadassah for ultra-sound and blood tests. Apparently I am meant to report back to the hospital tomorrow in the early morning for another round of tests, which seem superfluous, given that I am also meant to get inseminated tomorrow, in the mid to late morning.

Here's hoping and praying that this round is the last round.

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On Her Own said...

Hey - just wanted to say that I think what you're doing is really brave and really great. I hope it works out for you and soon!!