Saturday, March 12, 2016

Boys Rules

This past Shabbat, we spent lunch and a lovely afternoon with the family of one of Raphaela's school friends, a girl the same age who has been in her class for the last three years.

At one point, her brother and two of his friends were wrestling on the trampoline, and Raphaela came to me, quite concerned.  She told me that the boys were fighting, were not playing nicely and were going to get hurt.

I explained to Raphaela - a child who has essentially grown up like Wonder Woman and the Amazonians - that sometimes this is how boys play, that it looks like they are trying to hurt each other but it's really all in fun; they are friends and will be friends after they finish wrestling.

"Really?!" she asked, incredulously.
"Yes, really.  This is how boys play sometimes." I answered.
"Strange, but alright..." said Raphaela, and returned to playing with her friend.

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