Saturday, February 27, 2016

Small Gifts

There is a well-known Israeli song that has been adopted by every Kindergarten in the country, called "Small Presents."  This morning it came on the radio and Raphaela got very excited, as it was the theme of their end of the year party last June.

One of the lines says, "God gave you presents, large and small."  To which Raphaela responded, "Mommy, God gave us a gift of the whole world!"

"Every day is a gift, a chance for something great."  I told her.

"That's right, every day is a gift, not just Thursdays."  Raphaela replied.

(I am sure there is an internal logic there somewhere.)


"Mommy, why do you take much more vitamins than me in the morning?"
"Because I am old, and my body needs more of them."
"You're not old, you're a Mommy!"

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