Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This morning I had an errand in the center of town in Jerusalem, where the parking goes from horrendous to impossible, so I decided to take the bus instead.

A few minutes after settling into my seat, the woman across from me started kicking my leg, hard.  I put on my best stern Mommy voice and told her to stop and she continued, harder.

So I moved seats, and she turned around and started spitting at me, and grabbing at my shirt, trying to tear it. 

It was obvious to me that she was mentally impaired, and I did my best to get away from her, but's a bus.  When I stopped making eye contact with the woman and also saw the futility in asking her stop, she turned her attentions to the bus driver.

For the record:  I did nothing to deserve and provoke this attack.  No, not a single person watching stood up to help me.

And lastly, if she had not been so clearly emotionally and mentally disturbed, she would not be walking now.

Hell of a way to start the day.


Brian Spector said...

That is frightening for you, as well as sad that nobody would help you.

Brian Spector said...

Do not let this think less of people,,,,humanity

Doc said...

I have to say, at first I was quite frightened. Then I was angry and disturbed that no one acted to try and help me. Then I was sad for this woman, so obviously in distress and in need of help she is not getting, so much so that she has become a danger to others. It was this compassion that stopped me from defending myself.

Brian Spector said...

I am sure you were quite frightened, as anyone would be. I can also understand your feeling of anger, along with being disturbed, that know one would help you.
Your feeling of empathy is a credit and not surprising as your obviously a very healing and caring loving woman and mom.
Your compassion shines through in all you do, I can tell