Saturday, January 2, 2016

Movie Audition Part II

Apparently Warner Brothers has not yet filled the role for which they had intended to audition Raphaela, almost one month ago.  I have since received two more requests to bring Raphaela in for an audition, and she remains adamant.

But I must be missing something, because we had the following conversation this morning:

RR:  Can you check email, and see if they want me to come for the audition?
Me:  I know they want it, they wanted to see you tomorrow, after school.
RR:  (Mild smile on her face)
Me:  So I can still say yes.
RR:  No!  Tell them that if they ask me again I will get very angry.

So does she want this, or not, and as a parent, do I push her slightly out of her comfort zone, or do I take her "No!" at face value?

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