Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Field Trip

This morning started on a sad note, with a brief poignant goldfish funeral.

Raphaela did not seem so disturbed by it, because she was too excited about the field trip to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo today from school.  Three hours of non-classroom romping in her second home, but instead with her teacher and her classmates.

Of course the best part is that they are allowed to pack two treats with their picnic lunch, a practice normally banned during school hours.

When I dropped Raphaela off in her classroom this morning, I watched as each child brought out their field trip backpack, and opened with the question, "So what snacks did you bring?"

(Somehow, I believe that if the teacher took the girls to the park near the school and said, "Now you can eat your candy during the school day," they would have not have noticed that they never made it to the zoo.)

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