Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Haircut, Ever

Today, for the first day since her birth, Raphaela got a haircut.  Or rather, a trim, since a Princess is expected to have long flowing locks of hair.

The smile never left her face, as she got her hair washed and brushed and snipped and blown dry, and she handled it so maturely;  she loves the "girl" stuff.

At one point my stylist asked Raphaela if she would like a cup of coffee, and my daughter responded just as politely, "No, thank you!"

When we left, Raphaela informed me that when she would be older, she might consider taking off more than just the frizzy edges.

The few pieces of baby hair that were cut are now saved safely, as a keepsake for Raphaela's silly  sentimental Mommy.

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