Saturday, August 23, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In honor of the summer, I had bought a set of water guns for Raphaela and myself.  Yesterday as we doused each other, Raphaela asked me, "Does this mean that we did the ALS ice bucket challenge?"


Being serious for a moment, ALS (Lou Gherigs)  is a terrible disease, from which my uncle Jeshua Leeder Z"L died several years ago.  At the start of all this viral video insanity, my brother was one of the first to do the ice bucket challenge and donate $100 to the cause, for the right reasons, and I applaud him.

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Doc said...

Last night Raphaela was in the bath, she took a large cup and said, "Now I'm doing the ALS ice bucket challenge." And dumped the water over her head. Then she said, "Whew, that was warm."