Sunday, August 17, 2014

PT in the Park

After our meeting with the physical therapist last week, I was encouraged to play more 'boy' games with Raphaela, like basketball and soccer; the point of the activity would be to help her hand eye coordination in ball-related sports and in life.

I grew up being told that I was the "Smart One" in the family.  Which translated to:  "Don't bother getting all dressed up, because you are not the 'Pretty One,' and don't bother trying out for team sports, because you are not the strong 'Athletic One,' and don't bother being an extrovert, because you are not all that funny or entertaining."

As both mother and father at the moment, I cannot afford to give up on aspects of Raphaela's development, simply because it is not my favorite activity.  So yesterday I took my daughter to the Nayot park near our house, one which seems to have been designed to train Israeli children from the earliest age for army service.

We climbed up the netting, hung from the gymnastics bar, walked the balance beam forwards and backwards, maneuvered around the maze of ladders and landings to get to the highest slide in the whole structure.

Then I commandeered two conveniently placed large rocks as the goal for our soccer game, and I truly noted that the more we played, the stronger Raphaela's kicks and her confidence with the ball.  (Now we have to work on our blocking...)  Afterwards Raphaela chose to practice dribbling the ball, while I rested on our picnic blanket.

After two hours of all that running and playing in the sun, I must admit that I felt invigorated by the activity, as well as marveling at the almost immediate change in Raphaela's approach and demeanor.  We must play 'boy games' more often, as long as it is followed by a wonderful deep Shabbat nap.

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koshergourmetmart said...

do they have soccer leagues in Israel for kids? it will give her a chance to play with others and learn soccer skills.