Tuesday, December 25, 2012

When I was pregnant with Raphaela, I gained a total of five kilo, thanks to the fact that I could not keep most food down for the first four months, and the fact that up until two weeks before her birth, I was running for exercise at least four days per week.

One of the few foods that gave me comfort was Aroma's winter Orange Soup, with some warm whole wheat bread and butter. (While Raphaela grew inside me, she also blessed me with the temporary capacity to enjoy dairy products.) I loved that meal so much that I tried to reproduce the recipe at home.

Today, in between errands, I relived that little piece of memory, sitting at the Aroma Cafe in Jerusalem, with their Orange Soup warming me from the inside out.  The winter cold here seeps into your bones, and a serious warm bowl helps to relieve that sensation of perpetual shivering.

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