Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shower Torture

CIA interrogators are rank amateurs compared to my daughter.  Here is her devious plan, I think she took her cue from Harry, who finds a way to sit on my lap or on top of the newspaper or keyboard at the most inconvenient moments.  I think the last time I took a relaxed shower was two days after I gave birth to Raphaela, while the nurse at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Baby Hotel watched her for ten minutes.

Phase I:  After the water has been heated, distract Mommy with as many different request and tantrums as you can think of, including, "I want breakfast," "I need a diaper change," "Can you read me this book?" and the most creative, "I am going to Gan today in my pajamas."

Phase II: Once Mommy has dealt with any minor crisis, is standing naked in the bathroom and is about to get into the shower, declare that you too want to take a shower with Mommy. Then take five minutes to get undressed and to organize all the toys with which you will play inside the tub.

Phase III:  After bringing half the toy chest into the tub, and Mommy has put on the water, decide that you don't actually want to play with anything. Rather, lay down right between Mommy's legs, right under the stream of water, so that Mommy is crowded into a corner and you get all the hot water.  Keep Mommy guessing each morning, by stating on a regular basis that you do NOT want to take a shower, even if you are invited to do so.

Phase IV:  On those rare mornings when you are busy doing other things, and Mommy has a glimmer of false hope, keep going in and out of the bathroom while she showers.  Keep the door open, please, so all the warm steam can escape.  At irregular intervals, open the shower curtain as well. Remember all those urgent distractions from Phase I? Use them all while Mommy has shampoo in her hair.

Phase V:  Once Mommy is dressed for work, and is expected to look like a professional Chiropactor, make sure to wipe your nose on her outfit, just for good measure.

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koshergourmetmart said...

oy! There are potentially some solutions

1) make a sticker chart for RR. If she lets you take a shower w/o interruption, she gets a sticker. After she gets 5 stickers, she gets a prize (a book, a treat, extra trip to the park) Use a timer where she can see the time pass, otherwise she is liable to keep coming in to ask are you done yet.

2) if she says "I am going to Gan today in my pajamas." say ok and let her go that way

3) shower in the evening when she is asleep or do it after gan drop off or before your 1st chiropractic appt

4) you could let her watch tv, I know you are against it as a baby sitter but you are a single parent and sometimes that means doing things differently than planned

at this age, you need as a parent to set limits. Letting her interfere with your shower is something she can be taught not to do. Setting limits now will be painful but will make life easier in the long run