Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Genetic Testing II

With some idea of my own feelings about this testing, I went yesterday to the main offices of the HMO and took their genetic questionnaire. The machines spit out about eight tests that were "musts" or "highly recommended."

Three of the tests were free - CF, FD and Tay Sachs - and I agreed to those. Two others came up as "musts" - SMA and Fragile X - and so I paid the 300 NIS to have them included in the results.

I would rather pay the money and avoid the guilt, should anything come up later on, G-d Forbid, and I could have known before hand.

The irony of the timing is that the results of my individual genetic testing will return after I have already done an amnio, the one exam which tells a woman 100% about the BABY she carries, and so the genetic information is trivial at best, if not moot.

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