Saturday, May 7, 2016

Politics Start Young

Yesterday was the usual too-long Shabbat, with Raphaela's hyperactivity at maximum, with lots of energy and not enough outlets.

At one point during the day I said in frustration, "You are acting like a crazy person!"

Raphaela answered, "Does that mean I have to move to America and vote for Donald Trump?"


The first US Presidential election that I remember was Carter, at the age of eight.  I distinctly recall walking around the house all day and doing impressions of Carter, with his Southern Drawl.  Among my other successful celebrity impressions was Dr. Ruth Westheimer, to whom I used to listen secretly on her radio show "Sexually Speaking."

A political science major at Barnard College, I continue to be politically active and aware, even though I now work in medicine. I suppose Raphaela's response was indicative of the ranting I have been doing lately about the insanity in the Presidential election.

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