Sunday, April 17, 2016

Emergency Call

This morning while packing her lunchbox for camp, Raphaela was unable to find her water bottle. In fact I was unable to find a travel water bottle, anywhere in the house; I could've sworn that yesterday we had at least four.

Raphaela conjectured, "Maybe the nasty security people from the airport snuck into our house and took them all. You know how much they are afraid of water."

Then Raphaela picked up her imaginary phone and put it to her ear.  "Mommy, I am going to call the Water Bottle Police. Don't worry, I know their number. And if they don't pick up the phone, we can always Skype them."

(Different generation, different world...)

1 comment:

Batya Medad said...

You had me panicked by that title. Nu, did the water bottles roll back in?