Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mazal Tov Princess Kate

The two princess who currently serve as major role models and inspirations for Raphaela are the real-life Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Queen Elsa from "Frozen."
When Raphaela heard the news of the royal birth, she sat at her crafts table and drew a picture for Kate and William and their now two children, and insisted that I mail it immediately to England.  Then she took out her prince and princess play set from Playmobil, and that kept us busy for a few hours. 
Though we are "colonists" by British standards, we await with the rest of the loyal subjects to hear the name chosen for this little girl, fourth in line to the throne.
Looking at the photos of the Duchess as she and her husband when leaving the hospital with the new baby Princess, I could only be amazed and jealous.  Of course I don't have a full style team, but didn't she just give birth to an eight pound baby?  The only other woman I know who looked that good right after birth is my cousin in California; after the birth of each of her three children, she posted a photo on social media that had her looking serene and gorgeous, like she had just experienced a spa treatment rather than an arduous labour.

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