Saturday, April 11, 2015

Post Holiday Report

Pessach food unopened:  one jar of gefilte fish, one package of matza, four packages of rice cakes
Pessach food unfinished:  Pessach coconut cookies
Appropriate non Pessach breakfast items in the house this morning:  Less than Zero

Skill set to practice for next year, Mom:  properly flipping a matza brei, so it doesn't fall apart
Tours/trips for the next big vacation:  Herodian, Beach weekend, Cinema City
Amount of time the television was used as a baby sitter:  Way too much for my taste.
Skill set for Raphaela, now that Spring has arrived:  riding her bike, swim lessons

Number of Days not worked in clinic:  Nine days
Panic level for my finances this month:  9/10
Days until next Israeli holiday vacation:  10
Our first taste of chametz took place around two in the afternoon, when we stopped at our favorite bakery, after camp.  In a day of bizarre weather, hail stones battered the streets of Emek Rephaim for less than five minutes, and then melted almost immediately.
Raphaela said, "I think God has mistaken us for the Egyptians."
Later today, we went to the supermarket to restock, and I handed Raphaela one bag to carry upstairs.  She slung it over her shoulder in dramatic fashion and started singing in Hebrew, "We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt..."

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