Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jiggedy Jig

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig!

I first of all complement Swiss Air, on the best leg of the flight either way this trip.  Their planes were clean and the seating decent even for a long-legged person like me.  The personal entertainment system worked without a hitch, and I managed to watch two movies that had been on my list.  It was a night flight, so Raphaela slept most of the way, blessed be.  The level of professionalism and courtesy was high, and they arrived exactly on time, according to the itinerary.

The airport in Zurich even had a Gymboree play area.

I wish I could unequivocally praise El Al in the same way, though I must admit that when I saw the large bold Israeli flag on the tail of the plane, I actually started bawling.  It felt good to see the symbol of a place that brings me comfort and joy, that feeling of home and family.  Dorothy said it best, I think.

As we landed in Tel Aviv, we were greeted by a beautiful sunset outside our window, and as we climbed through the hills of Jerusalem and reached our building, I received the most classic Israeli welcome:  one of the crazy old people who lives on the first floor saw me carrying luggage and herding an over-exhausted three year old, and felt that this was the perfect time to discuss with me - as a Chiropractor and as a neighbor - whether my cat Harry was causing her allergies.  I looked at her and said, "Really?!  I've just returned after a two week vacation, shlepping suitcases and a crying child and you want to accuse my cat of causing you problems because he walks down the stairwell?!" 

She stopped her ranting, wished me a hearty "Welcome Home" and hastily closed her door.