Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pre-Op II: By the Numbers

Consultations with nurse:  2
Individual meetings with doctors, in totally different parts of Hadassah Hosptial:  4
Crying when Raphaela saw medical personnel, ten feet away: 6

Number of times I heard "Who told you to come here? You are in the wrong place.":  4

Small random acts of kindness:  Too many to count
Number of times that I had to hold back tears:  Too many to count

Probability that my period would come early, the day before Raphaela's surgery and the day I am wearing my white skinny jeans:  ?!@#$?

Hours spent waiting for various pre-op meetings: 4.5
Hours spent total in Hadassah today:  7.5
Paid for parking:  36 NIS

Raphaela apparently gave fits of happy dancing to all the doctors in the ENT ward, as she fits the perfect profile for a study that Hadassah is conducting, regarding the efficacy of the removal of tonsils and adenoids, as measured in oxygen saturation 24 hours after the procedure. When Dr. Weinberger said, "We have been dreaming of a case like your daughter's," I answered, "My dreams include an entirely different set of wishes."

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